The vital work of teacher librarians

18 05 2018

From the Canberra Times
By Olivia Neilson


Children’s Laureate calls for more teacher librarians

29 11 2017


A great interview. Pass on to all Australian parents and teachers and principals

20 10 2017

Why we need qualified teacher librarians for the digital future, interview with Holly Godfree, T/L, and Kinderling Kids Radio host, Shevonne Hunt.


Children’s Laureate continues campaign for teacher librarians

26 09 2017

ABC news “We need TLs more than ever”

Australian Children’s Laureate stands up for teacher librarians

4 05 2017

Leigh Hobbs knows the value of teacher librarians to literacy and learning.  As Australian Children’s Laureate this year, he intends to convey this message to parents and principals and the press at every opportunity.  Support his passion.

See more on his facebook page.


What’s Happening with School Libraries?

20 04 2017

Rick Susman, Managing Director of the Booklegger and founder of the Book Bank Initiative, is interviewed by Jon Faine and Sally Warhaft. (Broadcast Wednesday, 26 April on ABC Melbourne 774 Morning show.)  Catch up online.

ALIA poster and handout support school libraries

6 04 2017

Download this new A3 poster and A4 handout produced by ALIA to inform your school communities how your library powers high performance schools. Keep up the campaign for professionally trained teacher librarians in every school.