NSW Parliament passes motion in support of TL staffing

3 03 2020

The NSW Parliament has *unanimously* passed an Upper House motion from the Greens. It calls for quality school libraries and teacher librarians in EVERY public school. With the proposed demise of Local Schools Local Decisions, a policy which gave principals responsibility for staffing (with reducing budgets), there is the possibility that the long downhill road since 2011 could be reversed. Watch the literacy rates skyrocket! Congratulations to David Shoebridge and the NSW Greens. May other states follow suit.

Shoebridge letter

David Shoebridge, NSW MLC, followed up with questions to the Education Minister in Education Budget Estimates hearing.



2 responses

4 03 2020

fabulous news lets hope it goes viral around Australia so that every child receives the expertise of a Teacher librarian

6 03 2020
Erica Jolly

This is wonderful news. Hopefully, schools are getting the message. The destruction of multi-level libraries with all they offer, as some Principals thought individual screens were enough, is being reversed. And Teacher Librarians do so much to help students and other teachers and parents see beyond the boundaries ACARA has put in place. Congratulations too NSW. Would we had that kind of intelligence in the parliament in SA. Erica Jolly


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